Monday, August 30, 2010

Back to the Future NIKE shoes possible in 2015!

MSNBC is reporting that the popular footwear company has filed a patent for a self-lacing shoe that resembles the sneakers from BACK TO THE FUTURE II that practically everyone and their mothers wanted.

According to the patent, “the automatic lacing system provides a set of straps that can be automatically opened and closed to switch between a loosened and tightened position of the upper. The article further includes an automatic ankle cinching system that is configured to automatically adjust an ankle portion of the upper."

This would be pretty awesome. Not gonna lie. I think I'd have to get a pair.

In honor of this awesomeness. I have to also share the Hewy Lewis Tune below. Enjoy!

thanks to the MovieBlog  for posting this.


  1. I'm gonna be getting me a pair of these!

  2. I want a pair!!! i'm giddy like a school girl...