Monday, October 12, 2009

Something that scares the shit out of me. Seriously.

For some it maybe simple things they're frightened of. I wish that was my case. I'm frightened of sharks. I'm not going to flip out if I see one in a tank but I can tell you that if I saw one in the ocean I'd probably crap right there.

Well, a friend on Facebook posted a blog article last night about this newer spices they came across & I swear my heart sank. The last thing I want to know about is New Spices of Sharks out there. I've already got to contend w/ Jaws. Come on. :)

But here it is, a new spices called The Goblin Shark.

Really? A Goblin Shark? Oh Christ!

In all seriousness, they really do freak me out a bit. I'm very intrigued by them since they've survived millions of years with out much change, but who knows what they could evolve into. ????

My fear is they'll grow wings. If that day comes, expect me to stay indoors...forever.

Enjoy the article & videos.

Then someone else posted this video below his Facebook posting. GREAT, ANOTHER SHARK!