Friday, October 23, 2009

Amelia Earhart: Fashion Icon? w/ PHOTOS

Came across this article in the Huffington Post this morning.
I was very surprised to learn that not only was Amelia Earhart the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean, but she was also the First Famous Fashion Designer in the U.S.!

With the release of Fox Searchlights "Amelia" starring Hilary Swank, I felt it appropriate to share this article.

via The Huffington Post

Unlike aviators lost in the sky, fashions always come back. Among the styles recently returned from the dead are micro minis, skinny belts, jumpsuits, platform shoes -- and, now, the Amelia Earhart look.

It's been revived by Jean Paul Gaultier for the fall Hermes ready-to-wear collection soon arriving in stores, and it features shirts with narrow ties, trousers, leather pencil skirts and bomber jackets. At the Hermes show in Paris last March, models wore aviator hats and goggles with the clothes, as the roar of prop-plane engines set up beyond the catwalk filled the air. "I was inspired by a woman, I forgot her name, an American pilot with very short, wavy hair who was wearing an aviator jacket, which I love, and a little scarf that was so Hermes," Gaultier told the Associated Press.

He probably would be surprised to know that old what's her name wasn't just a style icon; she also had her own fashion label. In fact, Amelia Earhart was America's first celebrity designer, and the story of her short-lived Amelia Earhart line is the story of the start of fashion mass marketing.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Great Pumpkin!


I grew up with this. I had to share it as we near this wonderful holiday.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

NINE rehearsal trailer

NINE is gonna be Hot!
I honestly can not wait to see what Rob Marshall does with this film.

via: Ester Goldberg's Views from a Broad Blog
The Weinstein Company has released a montage of so-called rehearsal footage from the upcoming musical "Nine." Billing aside, the dancing from the film's female-centric cast seems pretty polished. There are no shots of stars Kate Hudson, Penelope Cruz, Sophia Loren, Nicole Kidman, or Marion Cotillard making so much as one wrong step. Perhaps the studio is just saving that for the outtakes section of the DVD.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Saw School Musical

Maryanne posted this over on her blog SPOOKY BREW


Who thought this was a good idea?

Whoever it was should be made to wear one of those shock collars. If they ever suggest anything like this again, just zap them.

So I'm flipping through pages of crap & come up to one about the male star of GLEE (FOX's highly rated tween show) Cory Monteith, is now the face of Five Four. A clothing line of some sort.

Let's be honest. They are capitalizing on the show's success. I get it. But please tell me the people behind this have some kind of warped sense of humor. Are they fucking with this kid? Trying to make him act like a model to sell cloths. This is sad.

I just couldn't let this slip by with out saying something about this Cheese-tastic "Winter Spread".


for more images: Five Four Clothing