Saturday, October 10, 2009

Review: Trick 'r Treat

Hype can be a huge downfall for a release like this. People may be hesitant because of the amount of time it took to come out. Trust me, the money you put into this will be well worth it.

Trick 'r Treat is by far one of the best films to come out in this genre in 10 years at least. It's intelligent, fun, sexy and above all it offers you a great story.

Since Hollywood loves to shovel shit down our throats it's no surprise they were worried about placing a New Idea into the theatre's across America.

When it comes down to it, this film delivers. Brand new Characters, Brand new plots, brand new Actors (some of them). It's a breath of fresh air into the Halloween Horror Film.

I won't throw anything away as far as plot goes, but I have to admit, Director/Writer Michael Dougherty delivers a hit & the plot twists are superb.

I have been waiting the 2 yrs. to see this film, along with everyone else. Last Sunday, I was able to attend a screening at the New Beverly Cinema in LA presented by Cast & Crew were in attendance along w/ a packed house of eager horror fans. What a great experience to feel the audience enjoying New Horror together.

I have to say the positive response to the film is completely accurate. You'll laugh & get a good scare all at the same time. Plus the character "Sam" is a great addition to horror. I figgin loved seeing the kid dressed up like this at the screening.

Pick up a copy at a store near you or bounce over to Amazon & order it!

here's the promo for the Lainie Kazan interview

yesterday w/ Ester Goldberg, Lainie Kazan & JoeNation

Ester Goldberg ( landed an interview w/ the amazing Lainie Kazan. She is starring in the new film 'Oy Vey, My Son is Gay!'

It hasn't been theatrically released yet, but they are actively searching for distribution & I believe they should get it. The film is smart & relevant for this time.

Lainie plays the matriarch of the family & once she & her husband find out their boy is gay, well, they take you on a little journey of self discovery, acceptance & love.

check out the website: for more information on the film & to see a trailer.

Also Ester sat down w/ Mr. JoeNation himself for an impromptu interview. The talked women, drinking & pick-up lines. check out his website & all his Videos :

Friday, October 9, 2009

Let's Start this Bitch

Simple isn't it?
Maybe to some, but starting a new blog is like going to the first day of school. You want to say all this brilliant shit, but you know someone will make fun of you just because.

Well, I needed a place to go all out.

MySpace used to be my place for updates & long winded blogs, but I just can't deal w/ half the stuff on that site anymore.
I love it, for many reasons, but I'm starting to strongly dislike things & I want to remain friends w/ the space. Therefore, I needed this site, I needed a new outlet & a place to not have to worry about my shit being deleted before I hit publish.

I'm gonna throw up random things I Find interesting. It may be an article or a video, maybe a story or a film review. Who knows?!?!

Stick around and see.