Wednesday, June 8, 2011

NSFW Sony's Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Poster

A fellow actor friend of mine of Facebook just posted the new one sheet for Sony's upcoming "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo". This is not typical of the MPAA to allow such an image. A female nipple? Actress Rooney Mara's nipple to be exact.  That seems highly odd.

But then I came across the more suitable chain theatre poster, which is still a little bit on the risky side for Sony or the MPAA & I must say I'm impressed. Could American audiences be ready for minor female nudity on theatrical posters?

Probably not, I'm sure in the images that will be sent out to AMC, REGAL, CARMIKE, ect. will most likely feature a different image or they'll photoshop a bra on her. Lord knows there isn't a mother in the heartland that could handle taking their kids to see "Cars 2", look up from their tub of over priced, over buttered popcorn and see their children staring at a pierced female breast.

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