Tuesday, July 6, 2010

'Monsters' in time for Halloween

"Monsters," writer-director Gareth Edwards' shoestring budget horror film, has been slated for release on Oct. 29.

Edwards went to the south of France this year to screen the film at the Cannes Market, possibly spending more on travel and lodging than he did on his film, which nonetheless earned raves, and promptly got picked up by Magnet films.

"Monsters" has been described as “like 'Lost in Translation,' set in Mexico, but with gigantic alien monsters,” by /Film, which reported that Edwards spent a whopping $15,000 shooting his film.

Check out the featurette below to learn some of his tricks.

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Monday, July 5, 2010

making 'Candy' continues...

Have you ever said "I have the best idea for a film."?
Have you ever actually followed through with that idea?
If you have, then you probably found out that it's not as easy as people make it seem.

Right now I am back in Florida and in the bowls of finishing my first short film 'Candy'. Though people have said, many times, don't bother with shorts, they're not really films, I am here to tell you they are all wrong.

I never saw 'Candy' as anything but a short film. Quick and to the point. Stylized more like a 50's sitcom then anything. But with the edgy style of Hitchcock or even a Twilight Zone episode.

'Candy' is a labor of love. I have always wanted that 1950's life. The 'Leave it to Beaver' perfection. Knowing full well it could not happen, the next best thing is to create it. I am quite sure this will not be my only visit to that time period in my career.

I want the audience to forget about every myth & genre specific plot they've seen in the past when they sit down to watch 'Candy'. Horror started in a place where the thrill and anticipation was a giant part of the plot. Let's be honest here. The genre has become over run by blood and tits. There is nothing wrong with gore films, I enjoy them. I just decided that I wanted to bring us back to a place where the genre had class, sexy style and an allure.

Right now, I am forging forward with my production and I can not thank everyone involved up to this point enough.

Currently we are still finishing up the edit and making sure things are clean. We will not have this out to the public until September (we hope) and I am working on what Venue's will be hosting a screening.

Yes we are still accepting donations to finish this film. It's a tireless effort on all are parts.

I'm also quite pleased to say that Stop Starring Clothing and TiGi hair care have been so kind to give us some products for our shoots. Thank you to these great companies for supporting an indie film!

If you're interested in being a part of this collaborative effort, please go to our page on IndieGoGo.com to find out more!

huge THANK YOU's go out to all the sites that have been promoting this film all the way!!!!

Also Huge Thanks go to Sheena Metal for having me on her LA Talk radio show about the film. Check out the interview here: Sheena Metal Experience!

more to come...