Thursday, August 26, 2010

Jeremy Renner cast in Mission Impossible 4

You may know him from his work in the Academy Award winning film "The Hurt Locker" or now by the press he's been getting for landing the role of "Hawkeye" in the new AVENGERS film.

But looks as though Paramount studios has announced that Jeremy Renner will be joining Tom Cruise in the next Mission Impossible film. Yeah, that means there will be 4 of them.

I didn't think the last film warranted another follow-up, but they are giving it to us anyway. At least they're thinking ahead.

According to Deadline, Paramount production chief Adam Goodman feels Renner "has a Daniel Craig quality" that he wants for the role. Sources tell the site that the studio was also looking for an actor who might be able to continue on with the franchise, should Cruise choose not to return in the future (Cruise is expected to return for a fifth installment).

Well, if you're unfamiliar with Renner, I think he's an actor you should check out. I've had the opportunity to meet him on a few occasions and he's a hell of a good guy. Down to earth and know what he wants from this business. Films like "Dahmer", "Neo Ned", "North Country", "S.W.A.T." and "The Hurt Locker" have set him up for great success and now he's reaping the benefits!

Keep a look out for him and this new "Mission: Impossible" film, sometime next year.

via MTV news