Sunday, October 10, 2010

Spooky Empire Orlando 2010

Pretty damn amazing.
Not gonna lie.
Everything from the amazing Dealer Room to the great Celebs that came out to do panels and meet & greets.  Where else can you get a tropical climate, woman in bikinis by the pool and Jake Busey drinking it up at the bar while Elvia poses with a Troll!

Spooky Empire does know how to throw a convention and I know it just keeps getting bigger & bigger every year. 
 Really great to hang out with so many wonderful friends & co-workers and just have a fun time wondering around and meeting people!  So many talented individuals making great t-shirts & films out there!  I love the atmosphere!

 Terrific Q&A with Kane Hodder & Danielle Harris about Hatchet 2 and the bullshit about the film being pulled from the theatre! 
 I suggest checking Spooky Empire's upcoming convention in May 2011 called MAYHEM.  Bruce Campbell will be there and that's pretty much a great reason to go!!!