Sunday, February 7, 2010

I want Candy.

Here I go, into uncharted waters. I've helped start projects before but never my own.

As a creative person, I am constantly putting so many things together and putting so much energy into projects but I never know which ones will work out or which ones will just cost me money I don't have to spend.

Candy came to mind in October of 2009 while I was in Los Angeles. The idea was only going to take a day or two and I just wanted to create something.

I was inspired by Linda Lawson, who explained to me her dislike for horror films and how she had never watched one. When I said "But you're an actress. How could you not want to dress up like a witch or a demon on Halloween?" She simply said "I don't like the scariness of the holiday and I don't enjoy horror films because the represent only the scary." or something to that effect.

Regardless, I then became interested in doing a short film that Linda could watch or that she could act in. Not a Gore film, not a Completely normal Horror film by any means. Something Different.

I leave it at that.

You can judge for yourself after it comes out. You may like that I've stepped away from conventional ideas to bring a twist on something we all may be familiar with or maybe you'll hate it. To each his/her own.

I'm looking to this short as a way to bring to life a new character and a new way to look at the genre of Horror. With my talented & wonderful friend Sage Hall starring in the film, her production company StarFruit Productions, taking the reins & Wheat shooting it, we have a mixture that is sure to bring about a great product. I am confident in this.

Pre-Production has now begun and hopefully you will come along for the Sweetest Ride in Horror.

Stay Tuned for updates as we dive into Candy.

Fringe Theatre in Sarasota Florida

For the last few weeks I have been rehearsing for 2 back to back shows written by Jenny Beres. We are performing in a furniture store called Home Resource and though that might seem a bit odd, I want you to take yourself outside our normal way of going to the theatre for a moment & experience a theatrical performance right in front of you.

No boundaries with these shows. You the audience are left to the possibility of one of the actors walking right into you as they leave a scene or yelling directly towards you as you sip your wine. It's an interesting and great way to experience a play.

Our director, Louise Stinespring called the shows "Light pieces with a lot of hostility" and I couldn't have explained the two plays better.

If you are in the Sarasota, Florida area, I ask you to pull yourself away from your TV and away from reality for one night and join us as we brake down traditional theatrical walls and present to you "A Taste of Jenny Beres".

Two Plays in One Night for only 12 bucks.

Check out the Home Resource website for ticket purchase information.

Thank You!