Sunday, February 7, 2010

I want Candy.

Here I go, into uncharted waters. I've helped start projects before but never my own.

As a creative person, I am constantly putting so many things together and putting so much energy into projects but I never know which ones will work out or which ones will just cost me money I don't have to spend.

Candy came to mind in October of 2009 while I was in Los Angeles. The idea was only going to take a day or two and I just wanted to create something.

I was inspired by Linda Lawson, who explained to me her dislike for horror films and how she had never watched one. When I said "But you're an actress. How could you not want to dress up like a witch or a demon on Halloween?" She simply said "I don't like the scariness of the holiday and I don't enjoy horror films because the represent only the scary." or something to that effect.

Regardless, I then became interested in doing a short film that Linda could watch or that she could act in. Not a Gore film, not a Completely normal Horror film by any means. Something Different.

I leave it at that.

You can judge for yourself after it comes out. You may like that I've stepped away from conventional ideas to bring a twist on something we all may be familiar with or maybe you'll hate it. To each his/her own.

I'm looking to this short as a way to bring to life a new character and a new way to look at the genre of Horror. With my talented & wonderful friend Sage Hall starring in the film, her production company StarFruit Productions, taking the reins & Wheat shooting it, we have a mixture that is sure to bring about a great product. I am confident in this.

Pre-Production has now begun and hopefully you will come along for the Sweetest Ride in Horror.

Stay Tuned for updates as we dive into Candy.

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