Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Chirs Pine could join George Clooney's Farragut North

Looks like Chris Pine could join actor/director George Clooney in his adaptation of 'Farragut North'.   More then three years after Clooney expressed interest in directing this film he's finally putting it all together.  
Originally an off-Broadway play, the political drama is about Stephen Meyers, an idealistic communications director who works for an inspiring but unorthodox, presidential candidate.  The campaign is undone by ruthless political masterminds who employ every dirty trick to win.

Vulture is reporting that Clooney is expected to begin production in February 2011 and has already cast Philip Seymour Hoffman, Paul Giamatti and the offer is now on the table to Chris Pine for the lead role.  Back in 2007 Leonardo DiCaprio was attached to the project but has since backed out.

 I was privileged to see this play a the Geffen Playhouse in LA with Chris Pine starring.  I can attest that he is a tremendous talent and did a phenomenal job carrying the production.  I have no doubt that he should do this film, it would most definitely elevate his career and make him a power player in Hollywood.

 I look forward to seeing this film.  The play kept my attention and was a really creative way to explain the underhanded, backstabbing that occurs during a political campaign. 

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  1. This is gonna be good! How lucky that you got to see this live on stage!

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