Tuesday, October 5, 2010

'Candy.' at SAC HORROR

One of the best things to happen to this film yet was having the SAC HORROR/SCI-FI convention believe in what we are doing.

Not only did the amazing Richard Zerga and his daughter Kristi Zerga at Legends of Heroes & Villians sponsor our appearance but they really took care of us at the event.  THANK YOU.
The people were wonderful and Sage, Jenny, Grady & I were overwhelmed by the audience at our screening.  I was not expecting to have a 30 minute Q&A for a movie that is just over 8 minutes.  But we all appreciated the questions and the amazing enthusiasm from so many of the audience members!

 Abnorml Injustice (composer), Sage Hall (director), Jenny Beres (writer) & me.

Everyone involved with the SAC HORROR/SCI-FI Convention should be commended on their 3 successful year and really they should be happy with the amazing crowd they had turn out.

 Jenny Beres & Sage Hall try their hand at Defending the Galaxy!

Again, we really appreciate Everyone who came to watch our first public screening of 'Candy.' and we appreciate all the feedback.  Thank you.

Check out SAC HORROR next year!

As Always, Learn more about 'Candy.' via any of the links below:


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