Monday, March 4, 2013

HILARIOUS '80's HELLRAISER' commercial

Oh the 80's.

Nothing says Hellraiser like a satin jacket, sweatpants, or a thermos.

 This restored commercial clip, which appeared at the beginning and end of the movie in the first 1987 release of Hellraiser on VHS and Betamax, offered fans a chance to buy Hellraiser swag.

It spoofed popular infomercials and featured a helpful introduction from a crazy cat lady, who along with her clearly stuffed feline friend, was about to pop a “new watch and wear” video into the old VCR.

 Sorry fans, the commercial offer expired in 1989, but check out the full video to see what happened to the cat lady after Hellraiser entered her life. It’s super clever, filled with terrible puns, really silly, and makes me wish everything still looked like this.


original post via FearNet

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