Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Warner Bros 'Likes' Facebook Rentals

read the whole article via the Wall Street Journal:

Warner Bros. Entertainment is now renting films via Facebook.  You can buy Facebook credits and then watch a film.  Right now, the only film is The Dark Knight, which is now 3 years old.  Not sure why they chose to use this film as the jump off but there it is.  You go to the Dark Knight Facebook page, like it & then rent it.  Simple enough.

 It is a totally new avenue for Facebook at this time.  They've never done anything like this before.  But Time Warner is looking to compete with Netflix and they think that this might be the way.  We shall see. 

 Personally I have no desire to download a film I've seen for $3 and watch it on my Facebook page.  But maybe there is a market for this, then again, when you can look below and see that you can own the film for $6, maybe not.

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