Friday, January 24, 2014

'Weekend at Bernie's' talent sue MGM & FOX for back compensation

It's obvious that in Hollywood, people will scam you out of money any way they can.

Who doesn't remember the 80's comedy 'Weekend at Bernie's'?  For those of you too young, the story goes like this.  Rich boss guy dies, a guy at his office and his bumbling friend find him dead.  They proceed to spend the summer on an island pretending the guy is not dead.  Meanwhile a hitman is trying to kill them.  Just a normal summer.
That's it in a nutshell.

Robert Klane (screenwriter) and Ted Kotcheff (director) have filed a lawsuit in L.A. superior court demanding back pay of residuals for the 1988 comedy 'Weekend at Bernie's".

The film has made over $30 million in gross and $16 million in actual revenue from the distribution.

Sounds to me like Klane and Kotcheff are owed some money.  Maybe MGM or FOX will have to pay up soon.

To refresh your memory.


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