Friday, July 6, 2012

Ron Pearlman get's all "HELLBOY" for MAKE-A-WISH

I couldn't pass this story up when I read it.

Working in Show Business gives some people such a huge ego that you can't even stand to be in a room with them.
But here is an Actor, a very successful Actor at that, Mr. Ron Pearlman ('Sons of Anarchy) taking the time to make one kid's wish come true.

I love this.  More Actors should be this humble and give their time and in some cases, their characters, over to the public.

According to Spectral Motion (via SuperHeroHype), the special effects house that worked on the two "Hellboy" flicks, Zachary (seen above with Ron) wanted to meet and become the red, horned comic book hero for a day.

With Spectral Motion's help, Perlman was transformed into the hulking hero -- an idea he reportedly "loved."
Zachary was also done up in red makeup so he could step into Hellboy's hooves for a bit too.

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