Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Jennifer Lynch's CHAINED playing Fantasia in August and on DVD/BluRay in October

You'll be able to catch Jennifer Lynch's controversial (at least considered that in America because we are a prudish nation who continue to slap NC-17 ratings on anything that is not sugar coded from a Studio) film CHAINED at  FANTASIA  Festival on August 5th.

Jennifer Lynch
If you want to see it in the US theatrically, that won't be happening (see above rating) you'll be able to pre-order your DVD/Blu-Ray combo pack in September from Anchorbay!  The official Release is October 2nd!  Perfect for the month of October!

CHAINED stars Vincent D'Onofrio (The Cell, Law & Order: Criminal Intent), Julia Ormond (Surveillance, Curious Case of Benjamin Button) and Eamon Farren.

Check out the Trailer:

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