Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wax It & get a Merkin from a Real Housewife?

Cindy Bishop (Real Housewives of New York) says that the new trend is Feathers and Fox Fur for your vagina.

This is a very expensive Merkin kids. $225 to have a hot pink patch of fox fur on your crotch. Or you can get some crazy colored bird feathers glued to your nether region for $195. Really? This is friggin stupid.

Cindy has created two new lines of luxury merkins ... which she's now selling at her NY waxing salon -- Completely Bare.

The first line is called the Foxy Bikini, in which the bikini line is waxed bare and replaced with a pubic wig made from real fox fur. They come in a variety of colors ... including traditional pink!

For those who desire a more festive flower -- Cindy also offers the Carnivale Bikini ... in which the pubic region is decorated with feathers in a variety of colors!

Via: TMZ

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