Wednesday, January 19, 2011

An Important Message about Net Neutrality

A serious matter is nearing a vote.  You can not sleep through this!

NET NEUTRALITY  is something you should know about, if you don't, read about it HERE.

WATCH this Video from Lloyd Kaufman  (Troma Entertainment and Chairman of the Independent Film & Television Alliance) has been an avid fighter for Net Neutrality and we should rally along side him before the Independent Filmmaker and Artist has NO voice on the Internet.

"Filmmakers MUST react to this your movies will not been see with equal time on a free web if they get away with this.” - Debbie Rochon (Actress, Writer, Producer)


  1. This is some scary stuff. I'm gonna start searching garage sales for a Ham radio or an old CB so I can start spitting my ideas out over radio waves if they take the internet away from me.
    How will the world ever find out about the TENTACLES!?