Wednesday, September 8, 2010

could Zombieland 2 be a Prequel?

Looks like it's possible. 
 I absolutely loved Zombieland.  It was FUN.  That's all it needed to be.  The perfect blend of action, comedy & horror. 
 I'd love to see Woody Harrelson back in action as Tallahassee and I really think Jesse Eisenberg and Emma Stone were fantastically cast in the film.  Bringing them together for a Prequel or a Sequel would be a fantastic move.

Movies Online had a quote from Director Rubin Fleischer

"One of the fun things about 'Zombieland' is it jumps all over the place in terms of the storyline," Fleischer said. "It'll go to before zombies to after zombies and all around those worlds.
What's fun about the sequel is we have freedom and flexibility to show different periods. We might have scenes before the zombies, or we might have some months after, or potentially stuff further down the road. Through the voice-over and the way the movie is structured, we can really explore all different sides of it."

 I'm eager to see the follow up.  How about you? 

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