Monday, September 13, 2010

Body Snatchers actor Kevin McCarthy dies at 96

Golden Globe winning Actor, Kevin McCarthy passed away Saturday at a Cape Cod hospital.

McCarthy's career began on the stage. His 1938 Broadway debut in Abe Lincoln in Illinois earned him membership in the Actors Studio. McCarthy was chosen to play Willy Loman's son, Biff, in the London production of Death of a Salesman, a role which McCarthy also played in the 1951 film, earning a best supporting actor Oscar nomination. He was named New Star of the Year by the Golden Globes in 1952. 

McCarthy's best-known role, however, was that of the frantic doctor who tried in vain to warn his neighbors that pod people from space were taking over the people of Earth in "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" (1978). The film was a box-office flop, but it has earned cult status since.
McCarthy's other film roles included  Gathering of Eagles, The Best Man, Mirage, Hotel, The Howling, and Twilight Zone: The Movie, He also appeared as Marilyn Monroe's estranged husband in the 1961 classic The Misfits, Monroe's last film.

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