Friday, March 26, 2010

Review: The Good Sisters

Hold onto your candles and your belladonna plants kids!

The Good Sisters will take you on a journey of mystery and discovery. Follow these two, not so average sisters, as they try and figure out why they feel as though they are being watched.

Is it just complete paranoia? Could it be the creepy downstairs neighbor who just moved in? Is it the odd, over talkative woman and her dick of a husband? What about the 'roommates' next door? Who is making these sisters question every move they make?

I thoroughly enjoyed the plot that writer/director Jimmyo Burril laid out in this film. It kept me interested and I never once thought I knew the ending. The setting of the film grabs you as well. Rather then have the sisters live in a stereotypical 'creepy' house, they actually reside inside an apartment home. Which, many people from the North East will recognize. Those types of apartment buildings, which are very large converted homes, are not seen much outside that area and therefore I found it a terrific backdrop for the story.

Debbie Rochon (Colour from the Dark) and April Monique Burril (Chainsaw Sally) make a terrific team in the film. Rochon's calm and class gives her character "Breanne" a much needed air of Maturity. While Burril's character "Kindra" is able to retain a more vulnerable, "new witch" feel. It's a great combination to watch.

I also found the dream sequences and spell casting sequences visually exciting. I looked forward to hearing Rochon & Burril chanting because I knew it wouldn't be long for another enticing visual trip.

Don't worry for your blood fans out there. You'll definitely get your fill. You have to love a good seance that requires a sacrifice.

If you're a lover of any type of witch story, I strongly suggest picking up a copy of The Good Sisters.

The Unrated Director's Cut is available for Pre-Sale March 29th on Forbidden Pictures website.

The release date is April 27th.

Check out the website for more information.

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