Sunday, October 25, 2009

ScreamFest LA Screening - The Fourth Kind- Fact or Fiction?

"The Fourth Kind" is a film. In the opening credits Milla Jovovich says "This is a Dramatization of actual events." she also adds, "What you choose to believe is up to you." or some variation.

I was completely taken away by this film. Real or not, it is a wonderful ride at the theatre. Director Olatunde Osunsanmi has taken a topic many people are interested in and actually made it more intriguing. Not many people can take a topic and make it new again.

There have been many alien type films in the past, I will choose to omit "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" for obvious reasons, but the first film that pops into mind is 1993's "Fire in the Sky". People were quite quick to dismiss the films credibility but it is a true story. Whether you choose to believe it or not is up to you.

"The Fourth Kind" plays to the appeal of the "What if's".
I did a bit of research after seeing the film and I've turned up nothing about a Dr. Abigail Tyler, other then a website that tells you to see the movie, surprise. That doesn't mean that a woman who is a Doctor could have had some of these events take place in her life.

I don't know if the "Archival Footage" they claim to use is real. But I can say that they did a wonderful job of putting this film together and if you have any interest in aliens, then you will love it. It's like watching one intensely long "Unsolved Mysteries" episode.

Mila Jovovich gives a great performance and the "Archival Footage" they use, well... if that woman is an actor then she deserves an award of some kind. But being an actor myself and having been around performers for a large number of years on this planet, I can say, without a doubt, that actors love credit. If those "Archival Footage" scenes are not what they claim to be, eventually those actors will show their faces. Universal might have some kind of contract with them, but I don't think they can stop them from ever acting again. So time will tell.

One thing that I have to bring up is the constant comparison on the internet to "The Blair Witch". Yes people fell for the hype. Most people were tremendously disappointed in that film. But "The Fourth Kind" is in no way like "The Blair Witch". It isn't steady cam shots of kids running from Aliens. You won't get Nauseous or want to strangle your boyfriend for making you go to see it. But I have a feeling you will be on edge wondering what happens to the people of Nome and wondering if you or anyone you know might be a victim of an abduction. ????

I choose to believe what I want to believe. I want to leave my opinion out of this & just tell you that the film is great. Though I am apprehensive about leaving this without addressing a bit of Fact.

Over the years there have been many claims about Alien visits to our planet. I have always been interested in the TV shows & Books written on the subject. I ask you to use logic & not just speculation, imagination or religious teachings. Open your mind a moment and look at the Universe and not just at your backyard.

Human Beings are by no means the most intelligent beings in the Universe. You have to know that. If we took 500 thousand random people from around the world & told them to survive in the desert, as the Egyptians did and build a new pyramid, do you think they could do it? My guess would be no.

Also, I also need to state that I don't believe for one second that any abduction case is solely about "aliens" wanting to harm us. If (again I leave this up to speculation) there are aliens and they have civilizations like we do (which is a complete possibility, the universe is huge) Then, wouldn't you agree that just like us there are good and bad people? Couldn't their be alien races that wanted to teach and help, just as there could be a race that wanted to only harm?

It's not out of the realm of possibility. I just want to leave it open for discussion. Honestly, the only way any of us will ever know is if an Alien came forward and said who they were and why they were here. Until that day occurs, we all just have to discuss and find logical conclusions to a subject that is widely speculated.

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  1. saw your tweet from screamfest this morning! yeah i saw the screening too and thought the same. IT WAS SOOOO INTRIGUING. nothing like blair witch at all!

    definitely great editing of the film and story line was mysterious and kept me on the toes till the end.

    great review. I would highly recommend The fourth kind as well!